Youqing Technology is a video intelligent terminal provider with the integration of research, manufacture, and marketing. Based on more than ten years experience on the optical imaging technology, the company has built the industry's leading Vehicle Driving Video Recording System, Electronic Rearview Mirror Video Recording System, AI Driving Assistant System, Motorcycle Imaging System, Aerial Imaging Systems, and other solutions to achieve Medical Imaging Applications. Excellent engine is committed to senior team, with rich experience in products landing to provide users with first-class imaging software and hardware system integration services.

The company has always focused on the construction of its independent intellectual property system.Since its establishment, it has obtained over a hundred intellectual property rights, invention patents, utility model patents, and software copyrights. With the company's technical strength in intelligent vehicle terminal and vehicle network industry, Youqing is recognized as Chongqing Industrial Design Enterprise, High-tech Enterprise, Specialized New Enterprise, Top 10 Innovative Start-up Enterprise. The company’s main product, high-definition rearview mirror event data recorder, is recognized as a high-tech product of Chongqing city governement.


Youqing Technology is a comprehensive solution provider dedicated to video editing and image processing based on the Lianyong platform, covering industries such as driving recorders, industrial cameras, wearable cameras, and medical equipment. The product line branch has diverse characteristics, with successful cases covering DVR, E-Mirror, motorcycle recorder, helmet recorder, clip on recorder, industrial electron microscope, underwater fish detector, sports DV, medical endoscope, etc.

Since its incorporation, the engine has been adhering to the hardware and software development as the core service to customers. Over the years accumulated a wealth of industry resources, Youqing provides different levels of customers with quality resources integration services, including ID design integration, mold design integration, product packaging integration. Based on the above characteristics, Youqing can provide: source code cooperation mode, OPEN BOM and main chip licence cooperation mode, PCBA cooperation mode, ODM cooperation mode.